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At LCEF we care about you beyond loans

and investments.


We pray for your ministry, your families, and our church.


We are together

with you in and

because of Christ.

 Slides: Use prior to services & other gathering places


Family Emergency Account - single slide

Young Investors Y.I. Club - single slide


Open files and "save as" to use in power point. These are PDF files.

We appreciate our LCEF Advocates!

LCEF could not exist without the faithful volunteers who help promote the message of ministry through LCEF's loans, investments, and services. It is our goal that each congregation, school and ministry in the district has an active LCEF Advocate. If you want to know the name of the LCEF Advocate in your ministry or are interested in volunteering in this important position, contact 

Northwest District LCEF e-news is sent at least quarterly - more often if needed. Investment rates and updates will posted at this site at least once monthly. 

Portland-Metro:  503-288-8383

Toll free:  888-693-5267

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