When you invest with LCEF, you not only earn a competitive interest rate your investment also goes to work for the Church. Our investments make  funds  available to equip LCMS pastors, churches, schools and organizations  to fulfill their call of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

LCEF began by churches helping other churches  build space and place  for worship and ministry. LCEF continues this mission. When your congregation invests with LCEF, those dollars earn competitive interest while helping other churches build, remodel, and plant new ministries.

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It’s reassuring knowing your child is

God’s child—secure in His grace and

love. Through the Young Investors

(Y.I.) Club, your child’s savings can help others experience God’s love through the sharing of the Gospel. Kids ages 7-18 can earn up to $50 a year for community service and good grades all while helping to empower ministries in Kingdom work!  


For more information visit lcef.org/young-investors-club.

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susan.olson@lcef.org to discuss your lending needs.

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